MOTW Reader Contest: L.I. Serial Killer Still Nameless

Last week’s admirable New York Magazine cover story by Robert Kolker was, so far, our most in-depth look at the mysterious killer who’s dumping bodies on Long Island. Forecasts of record-breaking heat ahead, news of a potential double-dip recession, and the NYPD slashing 6,000 officers from its payroll (bringing the nation’s largest police force to 32,800 uniforms, the lowest headcount since 1990) could signal that we here in New York are in for a rowdy summer. Thusly, Murder of the Week is announcing its Name The Long Island Killer Contest. Post entries below, or on our Facebook FanPage and read the full New York Magazine article here.

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2 Responses to MOTW Reader Contest: L.I. Serial Killer Still Nameless

  1. Rick Schenk says:

    That was a great article. I wish there were some safer way for prostitutes to work. I know that sounds stupidly over-liberal, but girls are always going to get caught up in the money, if not the drugs, and that’s no reason to be in real danger of assault, rape, or murder on a daily basis. RIP to these obviously troubled young women, love and hopefully peace to their families, and here’s hoping they catch this bastard soon.

    And as real as this story made the case, I can’t resist a contest, especially when alliiteration is involved. So I humbly submit:

    The Craigslist Killer
    The Burlap Butcher
    The Gilgo Beach Garroter

    Great website!

  2. Bryan says:

    Treasure Bizarre

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