Stephanie Moreland of Bloomington, MN made our list of 10 FAVORITE CRIMINAL BAD-ASSES OF 2011 (so far) post last week. Yesterday the 46-year-old woman pleaded guilty to stealing the mink coat from a Twin Cities store and then hiding the coat in her underwear.

Stephanie Moreland snatched a $6,500 fur coat — then hid it between her legs in a pair of barely-there underwear where it remained for three days while she was in jail, according to Bloomington, Minn. police.

A store employee said Moreland was acting suspiciously. When the worker confronted the 270-pound Moreland, she lifted up her skirt and exposed her rear end, but no sign of the jacket.

Police arrested her when they found a coat hanger in her car, but no outerwear. It was three days later in jail that she retrieved the contraband from her panties and handed the mink coat over to cops. She will be sentenced on August 8.

No information was available regarding the fate of the coat. (Source: AP)

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